One in a million. An overused statement I know, however Mel is a unique and extraordinary teacher - filled with grace, beauty and compassion... I am not overstating when I say Mel is one of the best teachers I have been fortunate to have practised with and I have had many teachers across the globe. She has the rare ability to obtain the very best from you effortlessly... each class you feel happier, stronger and more grounded. When I was looking to co-facilitate a Womens retreat with a yoga teacher, Mel was my first choice. It has been a true gift working alongside Mel in a collaborative, supportive and creative way.
— Merle Singer, Curve of the World

When I first started doing yoga, I was just looking for a way to exercise, I had no idea that while I was stretching and strengthening my body I was also going to find a way to stretch and strengthen my mind and soul! Mel’s class was an inspiration from the beginning. Her bright heart and natural wisdom touches everyone in the room, inspiring us all to reach new edges in our practice. I always wanted to learn more from Mel, and she especially started to demonstrate to me how important and powerful meditation can be. For a long time I was very shy about this, lacking confidence that I was ‘doing it right’ and feeling that maybe I simply wasn’t able to meditate the way other people did. This goes back to poor experiences I have had in the past with relaxation techniques which made me feel like a failure, unable to relax and only increasing the anxiety I went in with in the first place! But very slowly, over a matter of months, Mel eased me into this practice. She gave me her fabulous CD and I went away on a yoga weekend where she taught a nidra. Gradually I learnt that there is no possibility of failure, as there is no judgement, only intention and observation - and I was able to release my fears and truly feel the wonder that meditation had to offer. Now, almost exactly a year after I first started yoga I have finally learnt to meditate every day - and it is changing my life! I have Mel to thank for setting me on this divine path towards inner peace - she has opened up this most valuable of all gifts for me to give myself! Thank you so much divine Mel!!
— Karen Wong

I originally chose to undertake my Yin training with Melanie Mclaughlin from This is Yoga because I had heard about her Yin classes and had experienced a few my-self.
Mel’s classes have always been a special experience and the retreat was no different. I have gained so much from Mel’s expertise, passion and compassion for her students. I now teach Yin regularly and thoroughly enjoy every moment. Previous to attending the Yin retreat i struggled with confidence as a yoga teacher. Following the Yin adventure my confidence has grown because of the safe and fun environment provided by Mel and the This is Yoga crew. I would highly recommend the Yin Training with Mel/This is yoga for anyone looking to teach Yin or simply explore their own Yin practice. You will love every waking, explorative, moment. I simply can not wait for a Yin advanced retreat. Hint hint :)
— Lynda G

Thanks Mel for the children’s yoga nidra. The girls love it and listen to it a lot. We listened to it together before going back to school today and all went to school feeling much calmer and less anxious. Its such a great tool for children to have
— Gilly

I listened to your yoga nidra regularly before my nose operation and constantly whilst in hospital. I think I came out more rested and relaxed than when I went in. It really worked to calm my nerves and create a peaceful relaxed state. Thank you.

— Gilly