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Ireland - County Meath - 50hr Yin TT immersion August 2018

  • The Crea Centre Drummbaragh County Meath Dublin Ireland (map)


What's on offer urban training style?

Join us this August 2018 in the outskirts of Dublin in beautiful County Meath - home to some of the most sacred sites in Ireland, with Melanie McLaughlin for her inspiring 50 hour Yin Teacher Training programme.

We will slip off the radar for a few days of yin “chill-pill”. Exploring our ‘Yin-sides’ over 4 days of deep immersion into the other side of the yoga coin.  We are keeping it small and intimate with only 20 places available.


What's included?

Over the length of the retreat we will be offering 44 contact hours where you will BE yin in your meditation, pranayama and asana practices.

Your days will be “bookended” by deep long classes as we layer intellectual knowledge with somatic experience. The course material you can look forward to will include:

• Yin sequencing and themes of sequencing classes/workshops including take home sequences used in training

• A study of Yin asana, the breakdown of key postures and how to 'prop' them and deal with common issues and injuries.

• An alternate look at yoga anatomy and physiology

• Explore "what are the differences between a yin and yang practice?" and why we need them both.

• Pranayama and meditation in Yin

• Modern muscle meridian theory and related organs (Dr Motoyama’s & Paul Grilley research) known as the main 12 acupuncture meridians, their related mental and energetic qualities and their place in a yin yoga class.

• The energetic body and Chakras in relation to meridians and postures.

• Fascia research including embryology development and the concept and importance of Qi and meridians

• Teaching styles in yin - including yin at the wall and props

• The pivotal yin poses /breakdown and study

You’ll cultivate a simple daily meditation practice to do at home, enjoy long, juicy yin yoga asana practices, and have the chance to ask questions about your own personal yin practice.
You can expect around 20 hours of practical experience, including asana classes with pranayama and meditation. In a true yin yoga practice we layer mind knowledge over the wisdom of the body for a practical and integrated experience.

  • Food included is per person per day (Includes fresh breads/scones/fruit , tea/coffee -small break, light lunch of homemade soup/quiches/wraps/sandwiches plus salads,fruit ).
  • List of local Air B&B and available accommodation will be provided if needed and is at your own expense


Cost: 795 euros from 1st July 2018 onwards (includes AM/PM tea and light lunch and manual)

(Alternately 250 euros to deposit - (non-refundable)- to hold your place and pay in full with full price before the 20th August 2018)


Pre-requisites to attend are 200HRS level 1 Yoga Teacher Training certified to teach (or alternatively email me with your life/yin/body/energetic/mind experiences and training and it will be also possible to attend if you simply wish to deepen your practice and knowledge of yin for yourself) 

Purchase of Paul Grilleys 'Yin - a quiet practice' - pre reading and course work.

Bookings and enquiries to Mel -

A Typical day
8.00am – meditation
8.50am – practice #1
10.15am - brunch
10.45pm – lecture #1
1.15pm – lunch
2pm – lecture #2
4.45pm – small tea break
5pm – practice #2 and/or lecture #3
7pm finish


A little about Melanie McLaughlin

Mel has been practicing everything ‘yoga’ since her lengthy sojourn in India 16 years ago. While based at the Sivananda ashram in Kerala, Mel not only focused on the postures of yoga but meditation, breath work and every other positive experience yoga has to offer and she spontaneously stayed on for her first of many teacher trainings.
Mel then continued to train with the likes of Nicole Walsh and Baron Baptiste in the style of Power Yoga; Twee Merrigan in the style of Vinyasa Flow and with Paul Grilley in the form of Yin Yoga, Yin being her real passion.
Fusing together all these trainings Mel found a platform to create her own unique teaching style, which is a blend of Western/Traditional Indian and Taoist approaches.

Over the past eight years Mel has been both leading and assisting 200-Hour Teacher Training programs and Art of Alignment modules for ‘BodyMindLife’ and also ‘This is Yoga’ a studio she co-directed and launched, and also her very own ‘The Yin Space’.  So its with huge personal satisfaction and enthusiasm that now and for the past 18 months, Mel leads her own 100-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training to yin enthusiasts. She is an avid student of Paul Grilley in person and remotely and completed 200-Hours training with him in 2013 which topped off her 10 year love affair with her own personal practice and exploration of yin. With this formal training under her belt Mel had all the tools to create a unique formula for teaching and understanding Yin Yoga. The trainings are designed to give you a deep personal experience of yin (yoga and energy) as well as jam packed with intellectual knowledge and useable tools.
Drawing on her studies of Metaphysics, Acu-energetics, Reiki and other healing modalities Mel’s teachings blends the physical, mental and energetic bodies in regards to yin yoga and teaching in general.
An honored  ex-ambassador of Lululemon Athletica, she also regularly contributes to Australian Yoga Journal, Women’s health and Women’s fitness magazine’s and various online health and wellbeing sites. She was proud to have co-created and be a founding director of This Is Yoga and currently holds space online at The Yin Space.

Mel can now share this wealth of experience and expertise through her own, Yoga Australia recognized 50-hour yin teacher-training course.