Adults Yoga Nidra & Chakra Balance Meditation

Adults Yoga Nidra & Chakra Balance Meditation


A Yoga Nidra style meditation is designed to help you deeply relax your body and access the unconscious and subconscious parts of your mind. Yoga Nidra is an effective form of deep rest and rejuvenation for your physical body and helps to create a relaxed mental attitude and emotional climate.

Not only do we feel better on all levels when practicing Yoga Nidra regularly, we enjoy a deeper vitality of life, as a 30 min Nidra, is equivalent to 2 hours of refreshing and restful sleep.

Nidra means to sleep consciously and releases all kinds of stress and tensions, muscularly, emotionally and mentally.

In our increasingly busy lives, this stress has been linked to all kinds of disorders and diseases, and so it is a healthy practice to deeply relax our bodies on all levels and clean out on a day-to-day basis through the simple practice of meditation. Let me ask you, why would you want to manage this stress when you can effectively rid our bodies and psyches of it?

Yoga Nidra can help release and let go of deep seated fears or obsessions, inner conflicts and tensions…it is said, even when we sleep, most of us don’t relax fully and a lot of the time wake up feeling less than vibrant, alert and ready to go…

Done regularly we can feel a new sense of ease and peace in our bodies and minds, sleep improves and there is a new well of energy to draw upon day to day.   

Deep relaxation is as good for you as it feels!

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